Products packing service


   "August-Kiy" LTD. will quickly and efficiently pack Your products. At the request and needs of our partners we carry out the packing of bulk products in polypropylene, paper and plastic bags.

   All types of cereals, sugar, pasta (of a short size), seeds and any other confectionery products we will pack in polypropylene packaging of different sizes and weight.

   Any flour, starch and products of similar consistency are packed in paper bags of various sizes.

   We have vast experience in cooperation with many retail chains of Ukraine, as well as producers of foodstuffs.Packing

   The production is certified according to ISO 22000:2005.

   We guarantee quality and safety of our products.

   Production site is located in Kiev (Obolon district, near the Caravan Mall) and  in Gostomel.

   We offer our services to retail outlets and retail chains in the production of private label goods.

Tel.: +38044-496-1-496


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